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Hello World!

First post on Unexpected Developments!

About us…

We are Noogai03 and Dummies10, or William Osborne and Andrew Whiteside, and we both live in the UK.

We’re a couple of people who like video games and have always wanted to make them.

Andrew is also very interested in any money we make off this crazy little venture of ours, William less so.

Currently, we are set on using the Unreal Engine (UDK) as our game engine, and haven’t quite got a definite idea yet. I am the main coder in t e team, with Java, C++ and Visual Basic learnt, but only VB mastered.

Unfortunately, my computer is lagging up massively for unknown reasons, and has only GB of RAM on Vista. So it’s incapable of properly running Unreal Engine. I will soon be upgrading to Windows 7 64-bit and getting 4GB more RAM. So in the mean time I am advancing my skills in Java and investigating Game Maker (for 2D games).

The good thing about UE is Kismet, a visual scripting environment. This means Andrew will be able to make sliding doors, locks, etc while mapping. He will be doing quite a bit of the required 3D modelling, currently in Blender. While confusing, it is powerful.

Noogai03 (William Osborne)


Pixel City

Started making a pretty big floating pixel town/city thing. I’ll post screenshot.

It’ll probably be no good, but I’m still learning and it’s good practice.


One of Ashens’ poundland videos. This guy is hilarious.

Just plain awesome. If you dont get it, think of Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Man, that’s awesome!

theawkwardgamer: Endearmen by Fenomena Nice!

Vista is terrible.

I reaaaaaaally hate Windows Vista. It crashes, BSOD’s, won’t hibernate, lags up when the hard drive fills up and is generally terrible. Which is why I’m upgrading to Windows 7 64-bit!!!

Posting rush

I’m in the initial posting-rush phase. I hope this blog doesn’t end up like did.


I really need to make myself an avatar / logo. Pixel art, here I come! I mean, my current avatar, Mr Blobby is cute and EPIC but kinda strange. So I need a new avatar.