Dungeons of Dredmor is a really fun game

See title.

Dungeons of Dredmor is a roguelike game , developed by Gaslamp Games. It’s available on Steam, and is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. I first got it through the Humble Introversion Bundle (more on Humble Bundles later), and I absolutely love it.

Plot summary: The evil lord Dredmor has once again risen from his imprisonment and is creating an army of monsters to attack the human world. A hero has been chosen, and (s)he will go down into his dungeons, where they will either kill him or be killed.

“Unfortunately, this hero is YOU.”

The Dungeons are filled with treasure, traps, vending machines, chests, barbecues and more. It’s randomly generated, so you play a different level every time.

There is an absolute ton of different weapons, clothing/armour items, and tools.

Probably my favourite thing about this game is the HUMOUR they put into it. All the items and rooms have funny or weird names, and the item descriptions are epic.

Examples include: Sliced Bread (food) “The best thing since itself.”

Parmiano Reggiano Cheese “Yes, it’s legit.”

Traffic Cone (helmet) “This may not be a very good helmet, but at least you won’t get hist by a car.”

My personal favourite line is what happens when you are killed:

Congratulations! You have died.

Yes, it congratulates you on dying! Another humourous aspect of DofD is that the monsters constantly curse you, as you can see above. The insults are somewhat unusual: “Your father was a roasted side of man-beef” Ok…

Sometimes they don’t even make sense. I have seen monsters shout “SPAAAAAAAAAAACE” and “THIS IS SPARTA!”, both internet memes.

Being a roguelike, it is turn-based, in that nothing will happen until you move (not turn based in the same way as other games). This can make it quite strategic. everything is split into turns. Eating, using a spell, attacking, resting and walking (etc.) all use turns.

Also, another aspect of Roguelikes is permadeath. You die, you restart. However, this is less tedious than you might thing, what with the randomly-generated levels.

At the beginning of every game, you pick several SKILLS. These include Blood Magic (mana (magic points) is recovered with every kill), Promethean Magic (lots of fireballs), and Artful Dodger (you dodge more often). As you level up, you pick new perks. In this way, the levelling is like Oblivion or Skyrim, except it is limited to your skill trees. These also have descriptions; eg Psionics: “No, not the mind probe!”.


There are several gods you can worship for bonuses, such as Inconsequentia, the goddess of side quests, or the Lutefisk God. To worship the Lutefisk god you just give it loads of cheese. Inconsequentia requires you to complete extra quests. There is also a Chest of Evil god, but Chests of Evil are really rare, so I don’t know much about that.

If you like strategy, humour and combat(games), you will most likely love Dungeons of Dredmor. You can visit its Steam Store page from its website.

First review for a long time!


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