Change of IDE

Java has several very good, free IDEs(Integrated Development Environments). These are programs that help you code, by generating code, compiling the code for you, helping you make GUI’s, etc. Good IDEs for Java include Eclipse, JEdit and NetBeans.

Now, I had previously stuck to Eclipse because it is highly effective, it checks for errors as you type, it has lots of plugins, etc. But the main problem with Eclipse is that you need to install a lot of plugins, which is tedious. You also lose code through “Workspace errors”, which is a pain.

NetBeans seems to be better than eclipse, surprisingly. It has everything installed already, which rules out the pain of installing endless plugins. It has a brilliant GUI (graphical user interface) editor that works a lot like Microsoft Visual Basic’s, and it has an INSTALLER, rather than just downloading as a .zip file with the .exe and resources inside it (peace of mind).


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