Back! Coding, and other gamedev related stuff

Hi again! I’ve been in Greece, with no internet, which would explain my lack of posts.

I’m REALLY tired, but I’m still going. I’ve been trying to get Box2D (the world’s best 2D physics engine, and one of the only ones not named after an animal) running in Java. I had it working in C++, but now I’m on Java I’ll need it working. Box2D has ports for several other languages, including Java. The port’s name is jbox2d, and the site is here.

It turns out it’s actually more difficult to set up in Java, because you need something called Maven (don’t ask, no idea), lots of JAR files, Subversion and a lot of patientce. I got to the stage where I had installed the Maven plugin in Eclipse, but the files wouldn’t import or something like that. Really annoying.

So I switched to NetBeans, which is infinitely easier, but I still can’t get the testbed (a way of testing the engine out) running.

The thing is, I got used to the C++ version, which was actually EASIER to set up, and the Java version of Box2D is different in several critical ways, none of which I am completely sure about yet!



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