Fixing and upgrading my PC, lol

My current PC is custom-build. It has decent specs, but it seems to run EVERYTHING perfectly. The graphics card is ok, it motherboard is decent, it has 3GB RAM, pretty bad cooling fans, Windows Vista etc.

However, I can run just about anything perfectly on it, with zero lag. Skyrim on High? Fine. 3 Minecraft servers at the same time? Fine. TF2? Fine.

It is a mystery. The only problem is it’s full of junk and Vista is terrible.

However, my computer recently slowed down, shortly after I installed the Unreal Development Kit (and realised I needed more RAM), it started shutting down. Just turning off whenever I did anything high-stress(eg Skyrim).

At first I thought the hard drive being nearly full was the cause, so I deleted some junk, cleared my temp folder, etc. It sped up a bit. So I ordered more RAM, only to find out that I needed a 64-bit operating system to use more than 4GB of RAM. Darn. So I ordered Windows 7. The upside of this is that it would clear out my hard drive. The downside is that I have to backup all my games, files, etc.

I am doing this as I write this post (Steam is backing up). When that was done, I still had more backup to do, but I wondered whether my computer having 7GB (4GB of which it could use) of RAM rather than 3 would speed it up.

By this point I had also worked out that the crashes were overheats.

So I opened the case to see if I could sort the fan out/install the RAM.

I found A LOT of dust. LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of dust. I’ll post a photo before and after I clean it.



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