Some really good soundtracks I found

Some of my favourite games have really nice soundtracks, from artists such as SoulEye, C418, Laura Shigihara and the amazing Danny Baranowsky. The Humble Bundles give you all the soundtracks for their games, and there is a Game Music Bundle that offers x soundtracks for at least one dollar, and y (usually LOADS) extra if you pay over $10. You also get FLACs (really high-quality versions) if you pay extra. I never get this extra bit. As of writing there is a bundle on now. You can get these soundtracks: Plants vs Zombies, Ilomilo, Terraria, Fastfall (Dustforce) and Frozen Synapse, all very good. The extras include Offspring Fling, The Blocks Cometh, Songs for the Cure and Cardinal Quest. Only one day left!!!

Anyway, back to the original idea.

My favourite artist for this kind of music is, without a doubt, Danny Baranowsky. In one word, he is epic. He also makes epic music – my favourite example being Super Meat Boy’s incredibly good soundtrack. You can listen to it on Grooveshark, if you can’t be bothered to buy it from Bandcamp or Steam. He has an inimitable talent for making epic music. Other works of his include the excellent Binding of Isaac soundtrack, Canabalt’s exciting soundtrack and the excellent remastered Cave Story soundtrack. Some of my favourite songs of his is Forest Funk(W1 Light world), Betus Blues(W2 light world), Fast Track to Browntown(W3 boss), Hot Damned(W4 light world) and Rocket Rider(W3 Dark world).

Other artists I like:

Laura Shigihara – I only have her Plants vs Zombies soundtrack but that is very nice indeed – there are only a couple I don’t like so much.

Darren Korb – maker of the very good Bastion soundtrack. It has a wide range of music, from the twitchy fight music Terminal March to the sad theme of the antagonist, Zulf (Mother, I’m Here). It’s very nice indeed.

SoulEye – The only music of his I have is PPPPPP – the VVVVVV soundtrack. This is very retro and electronic, but has some excellent tunes.

BigGiantCircles – he is unusual in that he released an album of game-style music without it being attached to a game (he named it Impostor Nostalgia). I’m not so fond of this one, but there are a couple of gems.

C418 – maker of the ambient music that one barely notices while playing the excellent Minecraft (don’t worry, I have a rant about how good that is coming up). This music is very good background music, designed to be almost invisible. Mostly slow and quiet, it’s very nice.

Tomas Dvorak (Floex) makes very interesting, but highly odd music. The Czechoslovakian artist is a member of Amanita Design, maker of my favourite point-and-click Machinarium. This music fits absolutely perfectly with Machinarium, and my favourite track is The End (the cafe music) or Clockwise Operetta (can’t remember where it’s used, but it’s tense, conspiratorial music).

Zircon – I am particularly fond of his Return All Robots soundtrack. It’s quirky, fun and lively. The Credits Acapella and Smash Those Robots are my favourites.

Gaijin Games –  their BIT.TRIP RUNNER soundtrack is interesting, focusing very much on layering up the sound as the level progresses. The tracks have a strong beat, as required by the gameplay. My favourite track is Tenacity.

Josh Whelchel – his Ravenmark soundtrack is very regal/imperial, and sounds as though it is played by a full orchestra.

Francisco Cerda’s Jamestown soundtrack is very good as well, with some extremely good fight music that suits the top-down spaceship shooter genre very well (like Raiden). My favourite is definitely Prisoner of the Badlands, one of the best manic fighting tracks I know.

So, that was a long post! I recommend you buy the bundle, or just the soundtracks. All the games are good as well, so play those.

Noogai03, over and out!


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