Hello again!

Yes, I’m terribly lazy. I don’t really have the willpower to post that much… This is mainly a devlog until we get a proper website (if that happens).

Anyway, updates. We’ve given up *finally* on the UDK, because it’s simply not feasible for two people of our age to make a game in our somewhat limited free time, using a highly complex, high-power game engine designed for massive companies. I guess we were drawn by their website (which actually LIES in several places).

So, we’ve abandoned Unreal, and with it 3D. We’re back to the old scenario, with me doing the code and Dummies10 doing the art (mostly). We’ve chosen Box2D as our physics engine (C++, games include Cobalt and Angry Birds), using OpenGL (via SDL) for graphics and sound.

Our current idea is a steampunk (pixel?) mining/exploration game based around a dynamically destructible chunk-based engine – that means there are chunks of rock that you dislodge, just like in REAL mining (except 2D)! It has no name as of now…

Once we’ve made some more progress, we’ll put some stuff on Youtube.



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