Horrible Hexagons: Super Hexagon.


Feeling the need for a little soul-crushing, tooth-gnashing frustration? Have a go at Super Hexagon by Terry Cavanagh, creator of such cruel games as Don’t Look Back and VVVVVV.

It’s simple, addictive and fun to mention but a few potential adjectives, but is also VERY difficult. You have been warned. Don’t blame me in a day when you’ve stayed up all night and pulled most of your hair out in a fit of rage.

What is it? It’s a game about dodging lines. You are a little triangle on the edge of a hexagon in the centre of the screen and can move clockwise and anticlockwise to dodge the lines which slide towards the centre of the aforementioned hexagon. Very rapidly. It demands complete concentration and very good reflexes, and a lot of patience.

There are six levels for you to grind your teeth into, getting markedly more brain-combusting each time. They are aptly named Hexagon, Hexagoner, Hexagonest, Hyper Hexagon, Hyper Hexagoner and Hyper Hexagonest (say that with a mouthful of marshmallows to unlock the achievement Verbal Ninja)

One of my favourite features of this particular example of interactive cruelty is its simplicity – there’s no clutter in this game. It’s got cool music courtesy of Chipzel ( http://chipzelmusic.bandcamp.com )
which was in fact created on a gameboy, adding to the electronic awesome.

9.5/10 An extremely good game, but occasionally a little too frustrating… However, it was nominated in the best mobile game of the year category on several sites including the App Store.

Super Hexagon is available on iOS, Android, and PC/Mac via Steam – well worth the 1.79 price tag.


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