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Steam summer sales are here!

Hold onto your wallets: the Steam summer sales are here with more stupidly good deals! Every day they have huge numbers of ridiculous deals, with 75% off (and often more) being common.

I, for example, picked up the entire GTA collection for £4.99 last year – an incredible price considering GTA 4 on its own is about 20 quid. 
Publisher packs, including every one of a certain publisher’s games at a crazy discount, are available, as well as several bundles (indie bundles, franchise bundles, etc).
Drop by the store at each day to check out the deals – this is like Christmas for gamers…



TIGSource, or The Independent Gaming Source, is a site dedicated to indie games and all aspects of their development. The site is reasonably good, but it’s the forums ast that really excel – they are quite simply the best gamedev and game discussion forums out there. You can ask any question and get excellent responses, there is a wealth of information (including tutorials) on every aspect of gamedev from physics engines to character writing. There are some art threads featuring the incredible work of some of the best game developers out there, and one particularly entertaining “Beautiful fails” thread here.


I, Noogai03, have added myself as admin of this site! Expect a lot more posts…

Humble Indie Bundle 7


Yay, another bundle! This one has a bunch of pretty good games, most of which I’ve never heard of and never played. It includes the excellent Legend of Grimrock and the superb Dungeon Defenders as well as Kyle Pulver’s Snapshot, Closure, The Binding of Isaac and some others.

Also, some other games (Edmund McMillen’s Basement Collection, the wonderful Cave Story+ and another one of Pulver’s games – Offspring Fling!) have just been added.

The Bundle is open for about six more days – BUYBIYBUYBUTBIYSBBJUHBIGBUVBHYBUUBN!!!

“Software development is a never ending battle between programmers’ abilities to make idiot-proof software and the Universe’s ability to make idiots. So far, the Universe is winning.”

-Some guy, words may be slightly inaccurate

Nerdyness: 2013 resolutions

I’m definitely a nerd: fanatical about Star Wars, very into video games, find xkcd funny. However:
A) I haven’t watched any Star Trek
B) I haven’t seen Star Wars: Episode 1 or 3
C) I haven’t read The Lord of the Rings yet

I must do these before I become a fake nerd. However, the fact that I had a dream about switching web browser makes me pretty safe for now… Anyway, some new year resolutions I want to keep!

Generally reading more
Try to minimise swearing – a bad habit

Anyway, happy new year and good luck in any resolutions of your own!


It’s really hard to get into gamedev: I keep getting distracted. I’ll post here once I FINALLY get a good way into a game… if I do

Rock, Paper, Shotgun

An extremely good PC game review site – I particularly like its writing style.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun


xkcd is awesome if you’re a nerd like me. If you’re not, abandon this post, because you will find very few of the jokes funny.

xkcd (name chosen because it’s unpronounceable) is a comic strip on its own website for the kind of people who make jokes about web browsers and particle physics. (You have been warned).

However, it’s also really awesome.